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Terminology used/Privacy clause
Terminology used
Thank you for visiting www.rentalocalpro.com。I hope our website can bring you rich information and enjoyable enjoyment. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully in this article, because you use this site at the same time that you have accepted the terms and conditions stipulated here.
In all the content of the web site,"Favours"、"We"、"Ours"、"Jency"、"CUTENESS"and"Jency Pet Food "etc.vocabulary Mean finger Jency Pet Food Limited。"JENCY"and "合友"Finger Jency Limited And any of its subsidiaries,In context。"you"It refers to anyone who visits and / or uses this site。

Website privacy policy
You are using our website to interact with us,Jency Pet Food Limited respect your privacy.Any sent to Jency personal information or data on a company's website both are protected by the personal data privacy and protection policy of Jency.For details of the Jency privacy policy, please click here.
Accuracy, integrity and timeliness of information
Although we will make every effort to ensure the accurate and complete information of this site, we do not take responsibility if the information provided by this site is inaccurate and incomplete. You should at your own risk for any behavior that depends on the data of this site. You agree that you have the responsibility to check the changes in information and information provided by this site.

The non personal information or data that you send to this site via email or other pipes, including any data, questions, opinions, suggestions, or similar information, will be considered as open and non private information.Any information you send or send will be owned by Jency company,It can be used for any purpose, including but not limited to reproduction, publication, transmission, publication, broadcasting and mail delivery.in addition,Jency it is entitled to any idea, art, invention, development, proposal, or idea that you send to this site for any purpose free of charge (including but not limited to product development, production, advertising and marketing).Any use of this information does not require compensation to the information provider.At the same time, your submission of information ensures that the data / content you submitted is not defamatory,also Jency The act of using this information will not infringe upon the rights of any co manufacturer, nor will it violate any applicable law. Jency is not responsible for the use of information submitted.

Intellectual property right
Copyright and other intellectual property rights of all text, pictures and other data in this site are owned by or granted by the relevant owners.You can browse the site, digest print, download to hard disk, or distribute it to other individuals. The limitation of these actions is that you ensure the integrity of all intellectual property and other patent notices, and that such reproductions have the above trademark notices.No copies of any part of this site shall be sold or sold for commercial benefit, nor can it be modified or used in any other works, publications or websites.The trademarks, logos, symbols and service marks in this site (collectively referred to as "trademarks") belong to Jency Products Company, a subsidiary of Jency Company.All information on this site shall not be deemed to be licensed or authorized to use any trademark of this site. Except for the "terms and conditions", it is strictly prohibited to use or abuse the trademarks and other contents in this site.At the same time, we remind you that Jency will exercise its intellectual property to the maximum extent within the limits of the law.

Copyright declaration
All the contents, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of this site belong to the authorized use of the company and its associated company, or the owner of the company, and are protected by copyright.
Copying is allowed for personal use, but unauthorized modification, copying (copying), leasing, lending, dissemination and distribution are prohibited.
It is forbidden to sell or disseminating all contents of the website for the purpose of operating profit. Any personal information you send to this site will be protected by the company's privacy policy and private information protection policy contained in this site. If you pass this site to the Gardner data (such as your opinions, suggestions, ideas, pictures or similar content), you will become and retain the exclusive ownership of the site. Property, Jency has the right to use it without restriction, nor will he make any compensation to you or anyone else.In addition, any such data will be treated as unclassified information. The trademark, logo, image and service trademark on this site belong to the company and its associated company, and any content of this site shall not be interpreted as a license or right to grant any person to use the trademark displayed on this site.
All use (or misuse) of the site's trademark or other content will be strictly prohibited unless this Terms of Use apply. Within the maximum scope permitted by law, Garth will actively protect its intellectual property rights, including criminal law.

Other Sites Link
You can access the website of the Canadian company network and system through the connection of the Canadian pet food company's website, and for the content, accuracy, or function of these co - vendor websites,the company is not responsible for any responsibility.These connections are provided in good faith, for subsequent changes in the website of other co supplier websites that we provide,the company does not bear any responsibility.Any connection to other websites does not indicate that the website is recognized by Jency.We sincerely recommend that you read and read all the legal and privacy notices on all other websites you have visited.

Guarantee clause and Disclaimer
You need to take the risk of your use of this site.

Guarantee clause
This site only provides information on the status quo and the existing situation,therefore,The company does not make any form of guarantee for the following guarantee or statement, whether it is express, implied, prescribed, or other pipe (including the implied warranty of merchantability, good quality or the appropriateness of a specific purpose):The data provided by this site will be complete, accurate, reliable and timely, and will not infringe the rights of CO producers;Access to this site will not be interrupted, error free or virus free;this site is safe;Any suggestions or comments obtained from Jency based on this site are accurate or reliable.Any statement or warranty therein has been clearly and appropriately disclaimed.Please note that some jurisdictions may not allow the exclusion clause of implied warranties, so the partial exclusion clause may not apply to you. Please refer to the local law.The company reserves the right to limit, suspend or terminate any topic or any topic or part of your visit to this site or on the site without notice.

For your access to, use, unused, change the content of the site, or to access other websites because of the connection provided by this site, or in the scope of the applicable law, we have taken action or no action for the email messages you sent us to us, whatever it is or in any way. Any direct, incidental, causal, indirect, special or punitive damages, costs, losses or liabilities incurred,Jency and/or any other party that participates in the creation, production and delivery of this site on our behalf shall not be liable or liable.The other parties involved in the creation, production, and delivery of this site are not responsible for maintaining the data and services provided by this site or any corrections, updates, or publications related to it.All data on this site can be changed without notice. In addition, any loss caused by the virus infection of your computer equipment or other items by using, accessing or downloading any data from this site,the company does not bear any obligation or responsibility.If you choose to download data from this site, you should take your own risk. In the maximum scope of the applicable law, you are aware of the unmistakable waiver of all claims for the company and its officials, heads, staff, suppliers and programmers that may be caused by the use or visit of your site.

Prohibition of activities
It is prohibited to engage in any act prohibited by the law of the company, based on the absolute discretion, and / or regarded as illegal or applicable to the law of this site,Including, but not limited to: acts of violation of personal privacy (including personal information without the relevant personal permission) or other legal rights; defamation or defamation of the company and its staff or other individuals using this site,Or undermine the good reputation of the company;The act of uploading a file containing a virus that may destroy the property of the company or other personal property; and to publish or transmit any unauthorized data to this site, including but not limited to: in accordance with our judgment, it is likely to provoke a case, cause harm or invasion to the Canadian company or the co factory business system, or And network security, libel, racial discrimination, obscenity, threats, pornography or other illegal activities.

Jurisdictional areas and regulatory law
The data and information provided by this website are only for Chinese users. The company does not claim that the data and information provided by this site are applicable to places outside China or in places outside China to obtain the data provided by this site.You and Jency company agree that any dispute or claim caused by the use of this site is subject to Chinese legal supervision and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Chinese court.

Use Cookies
According to the 7 privacy policy of Jency, this site uses tracking technology.(Cookies)Track the behavior of visitors when they visit the website, and record their usage status when visitors visit websites in the future.
With Cookies, every time you enter this site, this site can identify your computer so that you can access specific information, such as "your bookmarks" and "your home page".With Cookies, this site can also identify your computer when you turn from one area or topic to another area or topic, for example, you don't have to repeat the process when you are registered or landed.
Tracking your access records helps us understand how visitors use our website and how we should improve our website to meet the needs of visitors. Tracking information is anonymous and does not collect data that confirms personal identity. Moreover, our policy also stipulates that no statistical data will be provided to any designated co operative organization.
For more information about Gardner's use of cookies and how to delete them from your computer, see the Gardner Privacy Policy.

The health of the pet
The information provided by this website can not replace the advice of a pet doctor, but merely serves as the purpose of providing information. If you have any doubts about the health of your pet, you should consult a pet doctor. Pet doctor should know more about your pet's complete medical record and check your pet. Therefore, they can better diagnose the disease, make diagnosis, and make recommendations for appropriate treatment. Our experts are happy to help you answer questions about pet behavior, but it's important to explain that it's usually difficult to give advice via email. Although the information of this site is as accurate as possible and the opinion is fair and reasonable, we do not make any explicit or implied statement or guarantee for the accuracy, completeness, or correctness of the information or opinion provided. Jency does not undertake the obligation to guarantee the accuracy of the information.

Under applicable circumstances, you have the responsibility of keeping the password chosen for registration. In order to ensure password security, you must not disclose the password to any partner company. You should be responsible for all activities triggered by the password. If you find that any co - force vendor has obtained your password, or unlicensed use the password, you should report to us immediately and reregister with the alternative password.

Renewal of legal Bulletin
We reserve the right to make any changes and corrections to this notice. Please refer to this page for information about the announcement and new information.
2018Jency Pet Food Limited all rights copyright?

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