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Love pets
Love and care
In Jency,We are committed to improving the quality of pets' lives with great enthusiasm.
Jency Pet Food Limited registered in the new era Plaza, 181 Queen's Road Central, Hongkong, founded by two veterinarians in Hongkong and Mainland China.CUTENESS/加氏 trademark For Hongkong Jency All of the companies。Jency Pet Food Adhering to the concept of nutrition for pets to enjoy a healthy quality of life, ingenuity for dogs and cats, through tailor-made professional formula, constantly bring health and nutrition of pet food。Jency Pet Food Always adhere to dogs and cats as the center, through scientific research and observation, continuous innovation, the pursuit of higher quality. With a team of experts from dietitians, breeding farms and veterinarians from all over the world, GCA's pet food has been working together to carefully customize a variety of nutritional formulations to meet the requirements according to the variety, age, lifestyle and illness (from small and severe cases to serious illness). All the products of Gardner pet food are designed and made in Hongkong to ensure quality and food safety is the first element of the company.Jency Pet Food All raw materials are inspected strictly, and only 100% qualified and traceable products will be adopted.Jency Pet Food Production bases all enforce the highest quality and food safety standards.Jency Pet Food Nutritional formula products are sold in pet hospitals, pet shops and breeding farms.
Our values——We love pets with great love
We put forward a variety of challenges,And we got a return from it.
The great influence of human life。Over the past eighty years,Jency has been leading the scientific progress of pet care and pet nutrition.Our nutrition experts, food scientists, veterinary experts and animal behaviorists are all the time to find and discover ways to make a pet life healthier, happier and longer.No company is more invested than we are in R & D, so the major breakthroughs we have made in this field are naturally more than other companies.Today Jency is one of the world's largest pet care companies, with many of the most well-known and favorite pet food brands.Many of these brands have been used by generations of pet owners.The quality, taste and nutrition of each of our products are the result of the latest research results.We have a wide range of products, to the maximum extent to meet all ages and different lifestyles of pets and pet owners of the choice of formula and product form.Our vision is to constantly improve our pet care, with our expertise to help our pets and pet owners, so that we can set a clear goal for pet care in twenty-first Century.
Jency milestones in history
130 countries, 51 factories, 14000 employees
William H, Denmark, founded Robinson Danforth management company in Saint Louis, USA
Jency In animal food"feed"Change to"Chows"The introduction of a variety of ingredients, square particle feed,Revolutionize the animal feed market
Soft particle technology and more brands are on the market
Nestle gal's entry into China, crown, cordor, and joy jump are officially listed in China.
Beijing R & D center was set up, with 6 new R & D centers in the world, forming a strong R & D network.
Company name Jency Pet Food Limited
Extrusion technology and recreational products are officially sold in American retail stores.
Nestle bought the company and founded Nestle, the company.
Jency the Tianjin factory is set up to further provide quality services to Chinese consumers.
In order to further promote the development of the category, the introduction of new specifications of small packaging products, fresh and convenient to attract more pet owners to buy pet food
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