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Cat food is what cats need to eat for a long time, and many small partners are pursuing high quality and low price, so "good quality" must be the most important. Choosing a good cat food mainly depends on the nutritional composition of cat food, and the most important protein content can be understood in the nutrition analysis table. Basically, the higher the protein content, the better the cat food. So Xiaobian suggests that the first step in choosing cat food is to look at the protein of cat food. Protein is divided into plant protein and animal protein. The vegetable protein extracted from grain is easy to cause vomiting and gastrointestinal damage of cats, so when you see that most of the ingredients on the cat food are plants, try not to choose. What is full price cat food? Is it more expensive or full price cat food? No, full price cat food refers to balanced and comprehensive nutrition. Full price cat food is suitable for cats at all stages. The full price printed on domestic cat food is also equivalent to the full price printed on imported cat food. Generally speaking, full price cat food means that it contains nutrients and energy to meet the body needs of kittens, adult cats and elderly cats. So it's very suitable for the family with more cat owners to choose this kind of cat food, regardless of the age of the cat, which is very convenient. I am also very optimistic about this kind of cat food. After layer upon layer selection, I finally selected a suitable cat food.
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