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How is cat food made
Before your favorite high-quality cat food enters the kitten's bowl, it will go through a complex development process. In the process, pet food researchers, nutritionists and scientists will find the best formula. They have as many staff and jobs as pharmaceutical companies, and just because they are trying to make a food that these animals will live on, they have to make sure that they have all the elements they may need. Generally, the development of cat food will go through the following stages. 1. Formula development

The formulation of cat food was started by a team of nutritionists, behaviorists and veterinarians. At this stage, participants will match the functions of raw materials, and evaluate the nutrient utilization and digestibility. Jiushengzhenshi series of full price cat food has also gone through many times of raw material matching tests to finally determine the current raw materials and ratio.

2. Product and process development

Many factors affect the formula of cat food, such as cooking temperature, cooking time, and even the order of ingredients added. There will be many differences in technology. Now most cat food is puffed at high temperature, and a few cat food will be baked or dried at low temperature.

3. Analysis

An expert team of chemists, biologists, microbiologists and laboratory technicians evaluated the tested cat food formula to determine the appropriate nutritional level.

4. Palatability test

If dogs or cats don't eat it, even the most nutritious pet food is worthless, so palatability testing has become an indispensable and important process in the research and development of cat food. In the past, some pet food manufacturers mainly relied on pets for palatability research, but now most of them recruit cats to test their palatability in the cat owner's home environment.

5. Digestibility test

Digestibility is not only to test whether cat food can be digested by the cat, but also to know how much nutrition in cat food is absorbed by the cat's body through the test area. Before the sale of cat food, we must ensure the overall balance of cat food and meet the standard of AAFCO pet food.

Many dung shoveling officers also want to make their own cat food and make a cat food suitable for their own owners. But in fact, the production process of cat food is not as simple as expected, and many aspects need to be considered. So the difficulty of homemade cat food is not only in homemade food, but also other supporting problems. So it is suggested that it is more appropriate to eat commercial cat food for cats. If you really want to cook delicious food for cats, you can try to cook cat food for cats, and cats will like it very much!
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