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How much dog food should be fed at one time
How to feed dry puffed dog food

1、 Tailor made

Before feeding pets to choose dog food, it is necessary to clearly identify the breed, type and physiological stage of the pet, which belongs to mini, small, medium and large dogs, pup stage or completion stage. The amount and method of feeding dog food for different types and different physiological stages of pets are different. It is suggested that different brands of dog food should be fed according to the label on the packaging bag. The nutritional indicators of each kind of dog food are different, such as different energy supply, protein supply, fat supply and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the breed, type and physiological stage of your pet, and then carefully read the recommended feeding on the dog food packaging belt Because every dog food is specially designed by professional pet nutritionists and veterinarians, the daily intake of pets has a very scientific and perfect calculation.

2、 Dry feed and wet feed are OK

Many pet owners always ask, "is it better to dry feed dog food, or to feed it after soaking?" In fact, there is no contradiction between the two. You can eat dry food and drink water, or you can soak it and then feed it. Let the pet eat the food and water together.

Generally speaking, let the pet eat dry food first, put a basin of water next to it, and then drink some water after eating. Eating dry food can not only meet the basic requirements of satiety, but also can clean the mouth by the hardness of expanded particles, so as to remove some scale in the mouth and reduce oral diseases. However, in real life, we will often observe that pet dogs are not as rational as we think. Moreover, it seems that they are not interested in the water placed beside them. Only when they are thirsty will they drink water. Therefore, we suggest that in order to increase the drinking water of pets, dog food can be soaked in water, but not too long, so as to avoid deterioration and corruption for a long time There is no need to soak very soft and sticky, pet dogs are more taboo to eat some more sticky food, the purpose is only to let the pet eat dog food and water together, increase the amount of water pet can. At the same time, you can also add some liquid "temptations" in dog food, such as: boneless soup, yogurt, etc., and stir them evenly to let the pet dog swallow them at the same time. This can not only increase the pet's love of dog food, but also solve the problem of increasing pet drinking water. However, when the pet dog enters the adult stage, it is no longer necessary to soak the dog food in water. At that time, it is only necessary to provide the pet with drinking water at any time.

3、 Avoid hot dog food, avoid cold, to moderate temperature

The temperature of dog food is very important. If the temperature is not well controlled, the high temperature will cause scalding in the pet's mouth. If the temperature is too low, the pet's gastrointestinal diseases will occur, such as diarrhea and diarrhea. According to our long-term observation and statistics, dog food should not be fed at too high temperature. Generally, the temperature of the food should be 1 ~ 2 ℃ higher than the body temperature. It should be controlled at about 40 ℃. If the temperature is higher, the pet will refuse to eat and even cause oral scald. Similarly, the temperature is too low, especially some pet owners in summer, in order to prevent the deterioration of dog food, stored in the refrigerator, take out directly to the pet feed, this is easy to cause pet diarrhea. Therefore, for those pet owners who need to soak the dog food before feeding it, it is suggested that they should choose warm water at about 40 ℃ instead of cold water.

4、 Feeding dog food should be fixed, fixed and fixed

A dog is a very intelligent pet with extraordinary intelligence and memory. Therefore, long-term adherence to the same place, at the same time to feed them dog food, over time, pets have formed a fixed lifestyle, and we are the same, to the meal time, will naturally wait for the emergence of dog food, before feeding, the mouth will secrete saliva, and the stomach secrete digestive enzymes, which can not only reduce the dog many bad Living habits can also promote the digestion and absorption of food for pet dogs, and also can improve the palatability of pets to dog food, showing their love for dog food. The feeding frequency and quantity of dog food is more particular, remember not to feed pets at any time and place, regardless of the regularity, which will cause a series of pet bad problems. Normally, puppies were fed 2-4 times a day. With the increase of age, the number of feeding decreased gradually; adult dogs were fed 1-2 times a day. It is not suitable for pets to eat too much, because in the primitive natural society, pet dogs successfully prey on prey is irregular, often hungry and full, so they will try their best to wipe out all the food in front of them. After long-term human domestication, this life feature has not been changed, and it still remains in all family pet habits. Therefore, strict control should be taken Make the amount of feed each time, give the dog to eat as long as 70% or 80% full, don't overdose to avoid holding up.

How to feed concentrated powdery dog food

1、 Match strictly according to proportion

Each concentrated dog food has a complete feeding ratio proposal. Before using it, you must read the feeding instructions clearly, because the nutrition required by different types and physiological stages of pets is very different. Therefore, it is necessary to see how much concentrated dog food is added and how much rice or cooked flour is added. In order to avoid long-term pet malnutrition, obesity or other maladjustments.

2、 Warm water should be added properly

Generally speaking, it needs to be added to this kind of dog food
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