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What kind of dog food is suitable for dogs at different stages?
With more and more people raising dogs, they are becoming more and more comfortable. However, for many novice pet friends, how to feed a pet dog is a big problem, because different stages of the dog suitable for eating dog food are very different. The following small series will give you a detailed introduction to each stage of dog feeding guidelines, to see what dog food is suitable for dogs at different stages, so as to scientifically and reasonably feed their pets.

Puppies belong to the critical period of physical growth and development. The content of protein and other energy in the food for puppies is relatively high. In addition, the gastrointestinal function of puppies is relatively weak, and the food for puppies should be easily digested and absorbed. Generally, 2-month-old dogs can start to eat dog food. Puppies aged 2-3 months can be fed with dog food 4-5 times a day, with the first batch of adults each time. After 4 months, they can eat some food other than dog food, but pay attention to balanced nutrition.

For adult dogs, physical development has been very mature, so the adult diet nutrition ratio table of various nutrients will be relatively more balanced. There is a dog's teeth is the focus of protection, adult dog food can be hard, can play a role in molars. Generally after 18 months of age to feed adult dog food, usually can feed some fish or beef and sheep meat, appropriate to supplement nutrition.

Because of endocrine and other reasons, the intake of calcium decreased and the loss increased. At this time, they should be fed with old dog food, or they should be artificially supplemented with calcium, while maintaining a certain amount of exercise. In addition, the elderly dog's gastrointestinal function is not good, coupled with less activity, it is very easy to cause constipation, so you can add some plant fiber to it. If the old dog's teeth are not good, you can change the hard special dog food into soft dog food to feed.

In the first month of pregnancy, the fetus is still small, so it is not necessary to prepare special dog food for the female dog. After one month, the fetus begins to develop rapidly. In addition to increasing the supply of dog food, it is also necessary to supplement protein containing food to the female dog. In the lactation period, it is necessary to ensure the milk production of the female dog. The feeding of the young dog in the weaning period should eat some food that is easier to absorb and digest, so as to make it adapt slowly From breast milk to dog food.
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