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California Dog Food - Discuss with you the survival of dealers in off-season
CUTENESS and Canadian dog food are not so easy to discuss business with you. It's normal for a variety of problems to emerge in endlessly. Of course, in the business field, any problem can be solved at the technical level, the core is to solve the problem into wood, at the same time, before solving the problem, we must first understand the problem behind the problem, or the core.
What is the ultimate goal of doing business? Popular point of view is to make money, how money comes from, nothing more than two directions, open source and throttling, through external operations to earn money called open source, internal management saved money called throttling. Of course, the main energy of the current bosses is still focused on external management, trying to find ways to open source, such as expanding the market area, increasing new products, expanding the size of the company, increasing sales and so on, in order to achieve more money. As for this internal management, or how to save money through internal management, in the early days, bosses often despised internal management is simple. Extensive, at least the allocation and attention of the back-office management department is far less than that of the front-office management department. The reason why we do not attach importance to it may be that we are too busy with our business and neglect it. Perhaps the management structure at that time was relatively simple and unnecessary. Perhaps it was too profitable to care. As a matter of fact, there are two sources of making money in business. Open source and throttling can create profits, but most bosses think that making money in business mainly depends on open source. As for how to achieve cost control and save money through throttling, less consideration is given.
In the past, when the market was big and the business was good, it mainly focused on open source. But now the market is cold, there are many problems at the management level, the business is not easy to do, the open source is difficult, the profit created through open source is limited, and began to decline. At this time, don't concentrate on open source, we have to save money and think about doing it in another direction. Law.
The goal of throttling work is to control costs and save money. The money saved is also earned. Maybe some bosses will think that there is no place to save money, or to save again, it will affect the normal external management work. In fact, in the field of commerce, there is room for unlimited improvement of efficiency. In other words, costs can be saved indefinitely. So, in what areas and through what work, cost control can be achieved?
I. Skills of Employees
What is the company's biggest cost? Lack of supporting vocational and technical staff, in most dealer companies, the lack of a systematic staff technical training system, the vocational and technical staff, more is expected to staff their own early accumulation, or after entering the company, let the old staff to take a belt, or more simply, rely entirely on staff in the actual work slowly accumulated.
Vocational technology is not in place, work efficiency is low, wastage is serious, which directly brings about a meaningless increase in wood production. In the current off-season of the market, is it better to seize this job, invite professional teachers to work for professional training, invite salesmen to train in manufacturers, and share the experience of old employees, even if it is to buy some related technical books? CD-ROM is distributed to employees. At the same time, using the current off-season market, the relative time is relatively loose, we can consider increasing the frequency of internal training and technical training.
2. Transparency of internal management
After some scale of the company, there are more departments, employees and things, and problems are synchronized. Before solving the problem, we must first make the relevant situation transparent. The so-called transparency is to show the current actual situation, or the existing problems, so that the boss and employees can see at a glance all the situations and problems in their work. Sure, then we can design the next solution and make directional guidance. It's like going to a hospital to see a doctor. First we have to do an individual examination. Physical examination is to make the whole body state transparent, and then we can make the treatment plan.
Then, what situations need transparency:
1. The company's operating system
2. Current Work Planning
3. Personal actual work progress
4. The actual progress of a department or specific project
5. Current problems inside and outside the company
6. Storage of office documents and articles
7. Actual storage and entry of warehouse goods
8. Employee's Real Skill Level
9. Operational Standards and Procedures of Current Backbone Business Work
10. Customer Resource Status
3. Clearance of working standards and processes
What should be done for each job? What are the implementation criteria? What is the push process? These situations should be clear and unified, so as to ensure the efficiency of work execution. Of course, every job should be done, and every employee involved also has standards, but these standards are the standards recognized by employees themselves. Trouble is, the standards between each employee are often different, which will inevitably lead to problems in management and command, and resources. Utilization rate is difficult to improve, even leading to internal disputes.
Take advantage of the current off-season market, the company's current work standards are cleaned up, rigidly unified, to avoid the increase of internal friction caused by different standards. Moreover, the relevant work processes are also taken this opportunity to clear up the manifestations. Through the form of internal seminars, the current actual application processes are listed. Based on the actual implementation, the analysis and discussion are carried out item by item. Process links are determined and sequenced.
Strictly speaking, there is no one-time customer, even retail customers, there is the possibility of turning around, at least there is a value of word-of-mouth communication effect. Therefore, in the process of company development, there is also a system of savings and inventory of customer resources, whether downstream distribution customers, retail customers, or ordinary consumers, have to record, collate, classify, and arrange corresponding maintenance work. Usually busy business, not too much time to clean up the customer capital I accumulated over the years, now free, to clean up customer resources, according to value, divided into 369 and so on, consumers establish membership system, distribution and retail customers, arrange customer maintenance work, maintenance and inventory.
Business to make money, but the current market is off-season, open source difficulties, it is necessary to quickly shift direction, improve efficiency in internal management, reduce internal consumption, so as to achieve the purpose of saving money, which saves money is also earned. Maybe some bosses will think that doing business depends on doing outside performance to make money, which saves a few money. In fact, extensive management will inevitably lead to high internal actual management. Even some distributors waste more money on internal management every year than they earn. That is to say, there is still a lot of room for controlling the internal management of distributors. If you squeeze, you can squeeze out a lot. Moreover, looking at many large international enterprises, their new products are not introduced frequently and their performance is increasing generally. In fact, when the scale of enterprises has developed to a certain extent, it is very difficult to open source. The continuous stability and growth of profits are often more in the aspects of internal management and cost control. That's why the bigger the company, the more stingy it is.
Although the title of this article is how to survive in the off-season for distributors in the three or four levels of market, in fact, no matter what level of distributors or whether the current external market is prosperous or cold, they should maintain the internal management work, that is, they should pay enough attention to the throttling work, open source to promote the company's development and become a big company; throttling to ensure the company's stability and strengthen the company.

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