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CUTENESS Dog Food - Share the Operating Skills of Pet Products Stores
CUTENESS plus dog food - nowadays, with the progress of our living standard, almost every household has its own pets, which has created a new type of work - pet goods stores. Assuming you want to open a pet store now, you need to take a closer look at the following content, and how can you run a casual coffee shop without facing a change? Here's a brief introduction to the tips for opening pet stores
Management Skills of Pet Products Stores
Tips for opening a shop: Choosing a career according to the style of clothes
Shops located at transport hubs should mainly operate ordinary goods or consumer goods with low quotation and easy to carry. Shops located adjacent to their residences should mainly operate comprehensive consumer goods. The shops located near the office building should be civilized in operation and office supplies, and the level of products should be relatively high. Shops located near the campus should mainly operate stationery, catering and common articles. Before investing in shops, we should look for the "future" for them.
Operating Tips 2: Adhere to Big Money Resolutely
If your shop is located in the vicinity of well-known chain stores or strong brand stores, or even in the vicinity of these stores, then you can save the time and energy of investigating the stores, because your shop will be able to attract customers with the brand effect of these stores.
Tips 3: Clever use of "things gather by similarities"
The management department does not regulate the operation of a street or a shopping mall, but in a long period of operation, a street or an area may consciously constitute a "assembly mall" for the sale of certain products.
Tips 4: Independent Facade is OK
Some stores do not have independent front, naturally they will lose independent advertising space, and you will also lose the space of promoting wisdom in front of the store, which will bring great trouble to the promotion of stores in the future.
The Tips of Opening a Store Five: Need to Know the Purchasing Ability of the Neighbouring People
The size and quality of the purchasing power of the people around the shops determine the basic value of the shops. Of course, in those areas where the purchasing power is strong, the value of shops is high, and the cost of your capital contribution is relatively high.
Tips 6: Traffic is very important
The profit of the invested shops depends to a great extent on the flow of people. The real support for the long-term surplus of shops is the fixed flow of people, followed by the active flow of people, passenger flow (bus, subway passenger flow).
Tips 7: Roadside Stores Can Be Smart
If the shop is located on one side of a road, it will have two directions of passenger flow up and down the road. This kind of shop facing the street is of great value.
Tips 8: Building Structures Necessary
The structure of the building also directly affects the value of the shops, which many people did not expect. The structure of the building is varied. The ambitious commercial building is framed or long-span column-free structure (such as stadium). The advantages of these structures are: good performance, easy separation, combination, layout and product placement.
Tips for Opening Stores 9: Understanding the Developers of Stores
Tips 10: Convenient transportation around the store
In the ambitious state, shops or street-facing stores should have transportation facilities to receive visitors from all directions, with rail transit and bus stations around them, of course, parking is also indispensable.
Tips 11: Do not neglect the development space
Investment in commercial property should have the vision of development. There are some shops which seem to be in a relatively biased position. The pre-rental money is very low and the merchants are hard to find. It seems that there is no "money" way, but don't forget that anything may change.
Twelve Tips for Opening a Store: Grasp the Opportunities for Investment and Have Tips
Generally speaking, the period when the economic situation is outstanding, the commercial prosperity and the commercial profits are higher than the average profits of the society is not necessarily the best opportunity for the investors to choose the shops. The space for the investors to choose the shops is very small, and the cost of obtaining the shops is very high. On the contrary, in areas with potential for development, the business climate is not constituted or in the process of being constituted. Investors can choose shops in a larger range, and the cost of demand payment is relatively low.
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