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How to feed a cat without teeth
If you want to adopt a new kitten, at least let the kitten drink enough mother's milk for less than a month, so that the kitten brought home will have enough resistance. But if it's a cat found on the road, or a cat that has no mother, it needs to be fed artificially.
Again, don't feed cats to dogs, because when you feed cereal-based dog feed, cats tend to suffer from biliary amino acid deficiency, and cats usually need at least twice as much protein as dogs.
Here are some feeding methods for kittens. Feeders can depend on the growth of kittens and the availability of cat food, and make appropriate allocations to make kittens grow up healthily. They can also try to expose them to different foods from an early age, so as not to grow up into a very selective and difficult cat. If you decide to feed regularly, you'd better eat 4-6 meals a day before 12 weeks of age, 3 meals a day before 6 months of age, and 6 months later. Because you already have enough teeth to eat any feed, you can eat 2 meals a day.
(1) Cat-milk cats have different intestines and stomachs from humans, so the milk they drink is not suitable for cats. Cat milk can be purchased from professional veterinary hospitals, cat stores and large pet stores. If the cat and cat can't drink from the cat bowl by themselves, they have to prepare larger syringes. After soaking warm cat milk, the needle (of course, there is no needle!) will suck the cat's milk into the syringe, and then the cat will grab the cat's milk with the needle and slowly pour it into the cat's mouth. At this time, the cat will know that it is food and drink it slowly. This side should pay special attention to it. It is: the temperature of cat milk must not be too high, because the cat's tongue is afraid of scalding oh!
(2) When cat dried material soaks in cat rice, about half an hour ago, the ordinary cat dried material has to be watered and soaked soft first, so that the meal can be served on time. Pay attention to some words, you can also choose to use special dry material for kittens. In addition, if you are worried about nutrition deficiency, you can also use cat milk instead of water to soak dry materials soft.
(3) Beef extract (mud)
(4) Canned kittens
(5) Mother's milk. Another way to feed a kitten is to borrow a cat's nipple. Let's see who owns a new kitten's mother cat, as well as many nipples and milk. That is to say, to make children for others temporarily, until the kitten can be weaned and then brought back.
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