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Master's Notes on Kitten Training
There is a kitten at home, so happy! In fact, the hard work may begin, because the training will also begin. Because the independence of the cat is high, and the training difficulty is relatively high, so take patience and love, let the cat become a well-educated obedient cat! uuuuuuuuuu
Master's instructions
1. Kids are easier to train than cats. Don't miss the kitten's growing process, or it will become "no teaching in an hour, no cooking in an hour".
2. Training at the right time. Don't turn over the old books. Cats are forgetful and do well. Reward cats immediately. If they make mistakes and stop punishing them immediately, the training will be effective.
3. Patience, love and determination. Every cat has a different personality, such as a cat with high self-esteem. Don't scold a cat with a strong inertia easily.
The owner should always remind us that "teaching according to one's aptitude" is also useful for cats.
Call it the name.
When you shout for a long time, the cat is unaware, and the owner must feel leaky. For the training of "understand your name", many people think that cats are more difficult to teach than dogs. In fact, otherwise, basically, the intelligence quotient of cats is not inferior to dogs at all. "Understand your name" is also from the master's skill and patience training.
Bait method
Before eating, when you take out your bowl, you should constantly call its name; when you show its favorite snacks (dried fish, cheese, etc.), you should immediately call its name. Link the name to the delicacy and the cat will remember it quickly.
Opportunity method
When the cat is excited and happy, try to call its name as often as possible. For example, games, strokes, chin scratches, gentle combing and so on. When a cat feels comfortable and happy, calling his name more often can also improve the effect of remembering his name.
A whip method
When the cat is familiar with the name, it can detect the mood of the owner from the tone of the owner's name. So, don't "frame" a cat in the stage when it learns to listen to its name. For example, the cat is making trouble. The owner pretends to call it in order to punish it. The unsuspecting cat is obedient, but the owner spanks. Several times down, the cat will not understand the intention of the owner to call it? Even when he hears the name, he feels punished and flees immediately!
Remedial act
In case the mistake has been made, we should only consider changing its name and starting from scratch. There are also examples of adult cats getting used to new names, but the odds are low. Some cats don't understand their names, but want to respond to questions, so they can't go through it!
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