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Cats are territorial animals and need their own space, so they basically don't like to share territory with other cats. After the sterilization, the competition for courtship is weakened, and the relationship between cats and cats is easier to establish.
Pet cat care
Cats are very clean pets. In their normal life, they use their tongues to comb their hair. In order to fully clean the cat, the shovel officer should also master a practical cat fur treatment method. After washing, wipe the hair with a towel, then use a hair dryer to dry the wet hair to prevent the cat from catching a cold. After bathing, wipe the pet's ears with cotton moistened with ear canal care solution.
Finally, apply a proper amount of essential oil to the pet cat to make the hair look more shiny and beautiful to protect the hair. The hair of a pet cat should be combed once a day. The cycle of the bath can be determined according to the cleanliness of the cat's body. There is no need to impose a bathing date.
The cat's gestation period is about 63-66 days, but some will last until 71 days. If you are born prematurely, most of them are stillbirths or die shortly after giving birth. Pregnant cats need more protein and calories, but if you are fed high-quality foods and balanced nutrition, you don't need to change the quality of the food in the 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy.
Pet cat care
The body odor of pets is mostly caused by the decomposition of the sebaceous glands of the pets and the secretions of the apocrine sweat glands by microorganisms. Generally, these microorganisms will multiply faster in environments with temperatures above 25° and humidity above 70%, so the smell of pets will be more severe in summer or during the rainy season.
The pet's sebaceous glands and apocrine sweat glands are distributed in the ear, the root of the tail, the anus, and the inside of the paw. If you want to prevent body odor, you can start cleaning care from these parts.
Pet cat care
To put it simply, the cat's long-term lack of bathing, eyes, ears and other diseases, or body infections, etc., cause abnormalities and diseases in the cat's body, which may cause odor in the cat. If you find that the cat has abnormal disease, you must send the cat to a professional pet hospital for diagnosis and treatment. The pet cat has a healthy body and eliminates these annoying odors.
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