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Ten tips for scientifically feeding cats
Cat seems to be the pronoun of pet. They have a little temperament in their nature. Most of the time they are lazy and casual, sometimes they are very sticky. No matter what they are doing, the round claws and the hairy appearance are so lovely. I also have a cat in my family. I will tell you how to raise cats based on my experience.

1, small rice basin, small water basin: this treasure has a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, personal home does not need too much, a basic adult cat about 2 cat food a day, summer water can be more prepared, especially in the dry northern region, water evaporation is faster. If in addition to cat dry food, usually canned or homemade cat food, according to the situation can prepare a utensil.

2. Cat toilet: The Cat Toilet in my house is all-inclusive. The cat's door is loose-leaf, and the floor can be drawn out for easy cleaning. Personal feeling is totally hygienic, no smell, and cats also have a sense of safety in it.

3. Cat litter: This must, good quality cat litter, encounter water into a mass, quickly solidify cat's excrement into a mass, no odor, will not pollute the container, clean up simply, as long as the sand is shoveled out. Small shovel: shovel excrement officer must be on duty, it is very convenient to buy on a treasure.

4, cat food: do not discuss the brand here, generally buy bags of cat food, daily feeding. Canned cat food and canned cat can also be used.

5. Small toys: Cats generally like fast moving objects, light and shadow, feathers floating in the air, a soybean and so on, can become its toys, it will be looking for toys yo. You can prepare a grinding device, but it can also find grinding things, bed sheets, fridge corners, children's toys, bags and so on may become its grinding tools, if there is a leather sofa at home, you can protect it, or scratch very painful.

6. Guide the cat to a fixed place to defecate: after arranging the cat's basin, you can consciously put it into the cat's basin, because the cat will naturally look for sand to excrete, so as to cover up the excrement and odor, so it will know where to excrete; if the cat is too small to go to the cat's basin, then It accidentally urinates outside, dips it in paper, moves it into a cat's basin, and takes it to smell. Next time it knows where to go.

7, the posture of a cat is the same as that of a human being, not the fatter. Generally speaking, cat food and water can provide daily needs for cats. I've seen some experts say they need to be fed regularly and quantitatively, but I've found that cats don't eat and drink too much at home. They automatically eat less and eat more. Canned cats are said to contain additives such as attractants, so they do not often give cats to eat, sometimes individuals will go to the market to buy shrimps, small fish, boiled and chopped, fed to the cats.

8. The meat, shrimp or fish you cook for your cat must not have bones or spines. This is what many predecessors have said. Although it seems nothing is happening when you see a wild cat eating anything outside, your cat has never dared to try it. Every time you cook a meal, you will pick out bones or spines. Larger shrimps will take the skin away. Cut it up, if it is a small shrimp, cook it and then chop it and eat it.

9. Cats need to obtain taurine to maintain their vision. Seafood and beef are rich in taurine, so they need to be supplemented properly.

10. Because cats clean themselves and lick their hair every day, some of the hair will be eaten into the stomach. Now some cat food can melt hair, and the cat's instinct is that at a certain time, it will eat some grass, leaves and so on, because not digested cause vomiting, hair vomiting.

Finally, when you have time to play with him, clean his hair, run after him, the cat will like it, will become more and more sticky, more and more love you yo!
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