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5 tips for scientifically feeding cats
What is cat food?

Cat food is also known as cat food, just as the cat's food. In the modern fast-paced lifestyle, cat food is convenient and fast, easy to preserve, balanced nutrition characteristics, by people's favorite greatly saved the time of feeding.

The difference between commodity grain and natural grain:

Strictly speaking, natural grain and commodity grain do not exist, the AAFCO said that natural grain is misleading, in fact, there is no government standard. But be sure to avoid 4D (dead dead, diseased sick, dying and disabled disabled) components and their by-products (viscera and fur).

Problems to pay attention to when buying

1. Age.

Young cats can not eat adult cat food, the same adult cat can not eat young cat food, kittens need bone development, so the content of calcium and phosphorus in the kitten food is higher, and phosphorus metabolism is mainly completed in the kidney, with the increase of age, cats kidney metabolism function is reduced, easy to cause kidney failure.

Cats in pregnancy need extra protein and energy must be selected for pregnant female cat food, as people pay more and more attention, many manufacturers of cat food division is more and more meticulous, shovel shit on the basis of their own furry children to choose suitable.

2. Composition table

When purchasing cat food, be sure to carefully observe the ingredients on the package, such as "beef flavor" behind the ingredients table beef is not the first, indicating that the beef content is not high, then you have to consider. After all, cats are carnivores, and try to buy higher meat content and avoid more corn or grain.

Don't give him a taste and avoid pickling.

3, dry grain or wet food, matching each other is king.

Eating dry food for a long time can easily lead to cats do not like drinking water, and cause urinary tract diseases, and eating too much wet food can lead to cats tooth decay, so the main dry food supplemented by wet food is a scientific collocation.

How to feed, how much?

The first three months are mainly milk, about 5 meals a day.

2~4 months, 4~5 days a day.

4~8 months, 3~4 ton. Cats are two meals a day, sometimes snacks, for reference only. ,

4~8 months, 3~4 ton. Cats are two meals a day, sometimes snacks, for reference only.

Two meals a day is more reasonable, a small way: full feed it to eat, but only 20 minutes, 20 minutes after the bowl, some cats play to eat two bites to play, play back to eat, you control the time, he knows that only these two points a day to eat, eat seriously, in addition, unlimited supply is Very wrong.
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