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    Established in 1970,Yancheng Huari Electrical Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd.(formerly referred to as Yancheng Qianghua Electrical Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd.)was reformed and changed into privately-owned enterprise in 1986.The company owns technical experts with solid professional background and an experienced production team and is equipped with advanced manufacture and inspection equipments imported from abroad.

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Stainless steel electric heating pipe is a new type of environmental protection heat energy conversion equipment

 Stainless steel electric heating tube is a new, safe, energy efficient, low voltage (normal pressure or low pressure) and can provide high temperature heat energy of special industrial furnace is a kind of electricity as a heat source, heat conduction oil as heat carrier, the circulation pump forces the liquid circulation, heat transfer to the thermal subsequent equipment and returned to the re heating of the DC special industrial furnace.

Stainless steel electric heating tube adopt digital temperature control instrument for temperature control, with over temperature alarm, low oil level alarm, overpressure alarm function, it is the chemical, petroleum, machinery, printing and dyeing, food, shipbuilding, textile, film and other industries in a kind of high efficiency and energy saving of heating equipment.
Stainless steel electric heating pipe is a new type of environmental protection heat energy conversion equipment. Its working principle is: to electricity for energy, through a heating pipe (or hexagonal threaded flange electric heating tube electric energy into heat energy; organic heat carrier (HTF) as a heat transfer medium, through the high temperature oil pump will heat conduction oil in the system of forced circulation, the week cycle of heating, so as to meet the heat equipment continuous access to the energy required for the purpose of, and meet the production process in the setting of process temperature and high precision of temperature control requirements. Usually heat conducting oil heating furnace by the host (heating, high temperature pump and filter), high oil tank, control cabinet and pipe as a complete set of equipment and assembled to form a mandatory liquid circulation heating system for heating equipment.
1, stainless steel electric heating tube is put into use, in the running stage, start the circulation pump, after running for half an hour, and ignition temperature, initial use should be slow to warm up, every hour the rising temperature of 20 DEG C, when heated to 180 to 200 DEG C, then insulation for a period of time, can be put into normal use.
2, stainless steel electric heating pipe to ensure the normal service life of heat conduction oil and heat conduction effect, no use of super temperature.
3, in use should check carefully, to prevent water, acid, alkali and low boiling point matter leaking into the system, the system should be installed filtering device, prevent all kinds of debris enter to ensure the purity of the oil.
4, stainless steel electric heating tube, heat conduction oil as heat carrier with the use of oil and gas heat carrier boiler, the system shall be equipped with expansion tank, storage tank, a safety component instrumentation and control devices.
5, stainless steel electric heating tube by using half a year later, once oil analysis, after long-term use, if it is found that the heat transfer effect is poor, or other abnormal situations, dealing with oil are analyzed, according to the analysis result, decided to add or replace, judge standard: carbon alkali not more than 1.0%, acid value is less than 0.5mgK (OH) / g and ignition point of not less than 20%, the viscosity is not more than 10%, the standard should be replaced with new oil.