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    Established in 1970,Yancheng Huari Electrical Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd.(formerly referred to as Yancheng Qianghua Electrical Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd.)was reformed and changed into privately-owned enterprise in 1986.The company owns technical experts with solid professional background and an experienced production team and is equipped with advanced manufacture and inspection equipments imported from abroad.

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How to properly solve the interference problem of the electric heating tube

With the development of industrial automation, electric heating tube interference encountered such a problem,how can we correct solution not await one's doom. The development of industrial equipment and the progress of science and technology makes the electric heating tube sensor in now social used more and more widely.The electric heating tube induction equipment is according to the sensor to measure the temperature of thermoelectric effects, is one of the commonly used temperature measuring element. But we will meet someinterference when using electric heating tube induction equipment for measurement of the situation. Here we have to know in the face of interference of electric heating tube, can do what effective measures.

1, the isolation method

Isolation method and the electric heating pipe installation is suspended, the electrothermal pipe and wall of furnace firebrick contact, between the electric heating tube and support is also used for isolating and insulatingmaterial. This method can effectively prevent the leakage current at high temperature disturbance.

2, the method of shielding

Shielding method is the compensation wire of the electric heating pipe, put in iron or other metal shieldinginner shielding. This can prevent the interference of electromagnetic interference and high voltage field. The use of this method should be iron and shield are well grounded, and the compensation wire twisted together.

3, grounding method

This method is the measurement circuit for ground handling, the noise into the earth so as to ensure theaccuracy of measurement instrument. This method has two kinds of forms: the first is the electric heating tubereference end earthing, second is the electric heating tube measuring terminal grounding. Electric heating tubereference end grounding, is the electric heat pipe (or compensating conductor) end of the output, by a sufficiently large grounding capacitors (conditions permit capacitance of the bigger the better). The measuringend grounding is the electric heat pipe measuring end is measured from the ground, the electric heating pipeend led out a piece of wire grounding. This method has a good preventive effect on high temperature leakage interference. Selection of electric wires should be selected with high temperature resistance and electric heating wire of the electric heating tube electrode harmless.